Zombie Dash is a Polish brand and family business. 

The project was born in 2013 when Marta – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź – while playing with her daughters, was telling them that she had quit her job at a corporation and was dreaming of starting to design and produce her own clothes for children.

Even though she already had a few ready designs and a lot of ideas, she was still unable to make up her mind about how and when to start, whether it would all work out, and what would happen if the clothes didn’t take off. Besides, the brand needed a name and a logo…

Quite unexpectedly, the idea came from the 10-year-old Rozalia, who suggested that the pants be called Zombie Dash because they had teeth. She also offered to draw the hero – the Zombie Dash logo – all by herself, for her mum.

This is how the brand was born, and later the company as such.

At first, Zombie Dash made items only for children. The author, who initially created only pants, extended the range of designs by hoodies, long-sleeve tops, dresses, T-shirts, and hats. 

After some time, the parents (mainly the mums of our youngest customers), who strongly supported the brand, encouraged us to expand our product range by sizes for adults. Yes, they really wanted to try the clothes for themselves!

That moment was the next milestone. Without the enthusiasm of those wonderful mums, their motivation and encouragement, there wouldn’t be any clothes for adults in the collection. We’re smiling at you now, grateful for your kind words of support :) 

“My daughter has been wearing Zombie Dash for years. I have been wearing the brand for 3 years. I have a few pairs of sweatpants and so does my husband – I love them! Great products in terms of quality. Our friends wear them too.” – Ana SobiePan, source: Facebook, the brand’s profile

Because we attach great importance to the quality of our clothes, our items are and will continue to be Made in Poland. Our products are sewn in Polish sewing shops, from the highest quality knitted fabrics produced in Polish knitting shops specially for Zombie Dash. All the designs come from under Marta’s pencil, and every detail is personally refined by the wonderful team at Zombie Dash.

To this day, many designs are distinguished by the instantly recognizable teeth. These include the most popular HUNGRY ONE pants and the NICE 2 EAT U hoodies

The designs invariably combine cheekiness and expression with comfort. They allow their owners to express themselves in a different and unconventional way. At the same time, Zombie Dash products go well together with any other garment or brand. 

Home, street, courtyard, playground, school, sports field, ice rink, gym... these are the brand’s natural habitats.

Some of the synonyms of and associations with Zombie Dash products are: quality, fun, cheekiness, comfort, relaxation, sports, family, summer holidays, friendship, relations.

While carrying out the Zombie Dash project, we met many wonderful people, many customers have been with us since the very beginning, some of them have become our friends in the meantime.

On our way, we’ve attended hundreds of meetings, seen thousands of smiles on satisfied customers’ faces, listened to dozens of words of criticism – yes, those too. 

All these things have helped us to get where we want to be today, in order to unchangingly carry out our mission.

We wish to thank our Customers, colleagues, employees, business partners, seamstresses, and all those involved in the Zombie Dash community. Thank you all.

“It’s awesome to be a Zombie-Dash-head – a kind of ‘premium subculture’ already. Fantastic clothes for the whole family”. – Piotr K., source: Facebook, the brand’s profile


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